Monarc Utopia Dairy Free Almond Ice Cream


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  • Serving Size 1 Ice Cream (67g)
  • 911kj (218cal)
  • 2.3g protein
  • 15.2g fat (9.8g saturated)
  • 16.9g carbs
  • 16.5g sugars


  • Almond Vanilla Ice Confectionary (66%), [Water, Cane Sugar, Coconut Oil, Soluble Maize Fibre, Inulin, Pea Protein, Almond Paste, Emulsifier (471), Stabilisers (410, 412), Natural Flavours, Natural Colour (160a)], Chocolate Couverture (20%), [Cocoa Solids, Sugar, Coconut Oil. Emulsifier (322), Natural Vanilla Flavour], Almond Pieces (5%).
  • Contains 1.3% Almond Paste
  • Chocolate Couverture Contains 51% Cocoa Solids Minimum.

A Brief Review

Monarc Utopia’s Dairy-Free Almond Ice Cream is a vegan delight that promises to satisfy the sweet tooth of those looking for dairy-free alternatives. This product is part of a range that includes various flavors, but the almond variant stands out for its creamy texture and rich caramel taste.

Ingredients and Dietary Information

The ice cream is made from a blend of water, cane sugar, coconut oil, coconut cream, soluble maize fibre, pea protein, inulin, caramelised sugar syrup, and other ingredients that contribute to its creamy texture and flavor[1]. It’s coated with chocolate couverture and includes caramel-flavored sauce and honeycomb pieces, adding layers of texture and taste.

It’s important to note that while this product is dairy-free, it may not be suitable for all dietary restrictions. It is not gluten-free and contains ingredients that may contain corn, gluten, lactose, lupin, sesame, soy, and tree nuts[1]. However, it is free from dairy, eggs, fish, peanuts, and shellfish, making it a suitable option for vegans and vegetarians[1].

Taste and Texture

Reviewers have praised the Monarc Utopia Vegan Dairy-Free Caramel Ice Cream for its creamy consistency and real caramel flavor, highlighting the nice crunch provided by the honeycomb pieces[2]. This suggests that the almond variant likely shares a similar quality in terms of taste and texture, offering a satisfying experience for those seeking a dairy-free ice cream option.

Overall Impression

Monarc Utopia’s Dairy-Free Almond Ice Cream is a commendable option for vegans and those with dairy restrictions. Its blend of flavors and textures, combined with its vegan credentials, make it a tempting choice for anyone looking to indulge in a sweet treat without dairy. However, potential consumers should be aware of its dietary limitations, especially regarding gluten and other allergens[1].

In summary, if you’re in search of a dairy-free ice cream that doesn’t compromise on taste or texture, Monarc Utopia’s offering is worth considering. Its commitment to providing a vegan-friendly product, coupled with the positive feedback on its flavor profile, positions it as a strong contender in the dairy-free ice cream market.


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  1. Sounds like a solid choice for a dairy-free dessert, though it’s a bit concerning about the gluten content for those who are sensitive.

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