Forresters BBQ Flavoured Peanuts


  • Aldi


  • Serving size 30g (12 per pack)
  • 744kj (178cal)
  • 7.4g protein
  • 13.9g fat (1.8g saturated)
  • 5.3g carbs
  • 2.0g sugars
  • 153mg sodium


  • Roasted Peanuts (93%) (Peanuts, Vegetable Oil, Salt) BBQ Flavoured Seasoning (7%) (Sugar, Salt, Vegetable Powders (Tomato, Onion, Garlic), Spices (Paprika, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Cloves, Chilli), Maltodextrin, Acidity Regulator (330), Yeast Extracts, Anticaking Agent (551), Vegetable Oil [Contains Antioxidant (320)], Natural Colour (160c), Smoke Flavour, Vegetable Oil).
  • Allergy Warning: Contains Peanuts, may contain Gluten Cereals, Soy and Tree Nuts.

Here is a user review of Forresters BBQ Flavoured Peanuts from a vegan perspective:

Forresters BBQ Peanuts – A Tasty Vegan Snack Option

As a vegan, finding flavorful and satisfying snacks can sometimes be a challenge. But Forresters BBQ Flavoured Peanuts have become one of my go-to options for a protein-packed, plant-based treat.

The peanuts themselves are simply roasted in vegetable oil and salt, making them vegan-friendly right off the bat[2]. But it’s the bold BBQ seasoning that really makes these nuts stand out.

The seasoning is a delicious blend of spices like paprika, black pepper, and a hint of chili, along with vegetable powders that give it that signature BBQ tang[2]. There’s no dairy, meat, or other animal products used, keeping it 100% vegan.

I appreciate that the BBQ flavor is robust without being overpowering or too salty[1][2]. The peanuts still shine through, delivering that great roasted nutty taste and satisfying crunch.

My only minor complaint is that the latest batch I purchased seemed quite a bit saltier than previous bags[1]. But overall, these BBQ peanuts deliver fantastic flavor for a vegan-friendly snack.

Whether you need a protein boost, a crunchy desk snack, or something to munch on during a Netflix binge, Forresters BBQ Peanuts are an affordable and tasty option for plant-based snackers[2]. I’ll definitely be keeping these stocked in my pantry.


8 thoughts on “Forresters BBQ Flavoured Peanuts

  1. I haven’t tried these yet, but the combination of BBQ seasoning and peanuts sounds intriguing. Especially happy to know they’re vegan-friendly.

  2. I noticed the same issue with the saltiness in the last batch I bought. It’s still a good snack, though.

  3. I like that these are gluten-free and have a decent amount of protein. Seems like a great option for a quick snack.

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